Franklin’s Firearms knows that having the right ammunition for the job is important.  We also know that people own guns in calibers not carried by most of the big box stores.  That’s why we stock such a large variety of calibers and types of ammo.

We stock all types of ammunition at great prices.  Including every thing from the smallest of rimfire ammo, to magnum centerfire cartridges we have it in stock.  Our ammo selection also includes different types of ammo, including the latest hunting rounds to make sure your trip is a success, as well as plinking and match ammo for a great day at the range.

Have an old gun in an obsolete cartridge that you are having trouble finding ammo for?  Don’t worry.  We specialize in obsolete ammunition such as .35 Remington and .32 Special.  We also stock a variety of hard to find ammunition for Military Surplus rifles.

Don’t think we forgot about your reloaders out there.  Franklin’s Firearms has a multitude of reloading components for both metallic and shotshell reloading.